Yes. they do exists. The bad glass of liquid sunshine. The one we want to throw up after having just a sip. The one that left you in confusion as to why it exists. Bad whiskey. The ultimate bad decisions.

We all wanted to spare everyone with the misery of buying and tasting each bottle to find which bottle to avoid. So we made this list. This list is from multiple whiskey forums ranking their worst whiskeys and the reason why they do. 

NOTE: Taste is very subjective and we will list down the whiskeys who got the most votes. And to make this article complete, we will also quote down the reason why they voted NO for this whiskey.

Now pals, here is the worst whiskey in the market. (Randomly arranged)

1. Haig Club


"Cannot agree more. Tastes only like paint thinner."

2. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey 

"Took one sip, threw it down the sink and haven't touched it since. Don't even know why I brought it home"

"Got a bottle for my birthday. Don’t know what to do with it. Can’t throw away a birthday gift."

3. Balcones Brimstone

"This whiskey tastes incredibly smokey. What should we add?"

"How about a heaping helping of ashes?"


4. Hong Thong Thai Whiskey

"They call it whiskey but I don't think that's whiskey. It certainly didn't taste like it."

"I like to make friends try it and pretend it’s an amazing whiskey! Most people spit it out haha"

5. Peerless Rye

"Taste like someone mixed Mentholatum rub and ethanol."

"It tastes like garbage water."


So that's what made into our list? For your comments, please comment below this blog:) Cheers!


  • Agreed on this lot.. Do like Wild Turkey w/ honey. Do not like Jim Beam whiskey at all..

  • Laughed at the tin paint. Couldn’t agree more, basically hate everything with honey.


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