Beer Bellies Makes men more attractive and have longer life

April has officially kicked in and with that we are done with one quarter of 2019. With this we begin to realize another year has flown by without even getting close to that beach bod that we promised ourselves would finally make an appearance.

But don't worry, t turns out women prefer a man who’s packing on a few extra pounds compared  to those who look like they’ve been impossibly carved from stone.

Researchers at Yale University have done us all a solid and found that women are more attracted to men with more stomach.


The study also found that being a father and a little older makes men more attractive to the opposite sex.

Having children indicates fertility, which apparently increases their natural appeal. The study also adds that this isn’t anything to do with ‘underlying daddy issues’, more it’s a result of evolution.

Richard Bribiescas, professor of anthropology and deputy provost at Yale University says that having a little extra weight actually benefits our immune system and increases our life expectancy.

“Macho makes you sick, The Hollywood image of the swaggering, dashing man dispatching bad guys and carrying the day conjures up a perception of indestructibility. While men are on average larger and physically stronger than women, men have a considerable weakness. We have a harder time fighting off infections and illness compared with women, and… men simply do not take care of themselves.This has a significant negative impact on the pace at which men age.”

So next time you’re debating whether or not you should indulge in that beer, perhaps your choice shouldn’t feel quite so guilt ridden.

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