Best Alcoholic Drink

Let's check out the 10 most popular alcohol drinks in the world!

1. Beer
Beer was discovered in Mesopotamia 9500bc. This is the first alcoholic drink ever made. However, some beer comes from routes (which is basically named route beer). If you think about it, this specific type of beer was developed in a natural atmosphere. Also, some beer comes from hops (which is a female plant grown in Germany).  Beer evolves itself, beer is the greatest one. A real alcoholic drink!

2. Rum & Coke
If you're looking for a good cheap rum I would suggest captain morgan: good as a sipper, amazing with rum and coke. Very sweet, choose private stock for a bit bolder taste. Blackheart if you want a high proof rum, the Kraken is a good black rum sipper. Admiral nelsons and sailor jerry are also good as amber sippers.

3. Tequila
You can't go wrong with tequila. Lick the salt on your hand, slam some silver down and bite down on a fresh lemon slice. 

4. Wine
Wine with its various tastes, aromas, and makes, that can accompany you at every beautiful or difficult moment of your life and rise it to a better state (and always with food).

5. Sex on the Beach
A good drink to have on the night whilst out in the town especially clubs

6. Whiskey with whiskey stones
Whiskey is definitely the way to go. Can’t quite beat the burn of a good whiskey like a crown reserve or old forester. Stiff burn but smooth is what you should look for.

7. Margarita
Adds a party mood to the great taste! Blend it with ice.

8. Vodka & Orange
A screwdriver is a popular alcoholic highball drink made with orange juice and vodka. While the basic drink is simply the two ingredients, there are many variations.

9. Champagne
Champagne is so fresh, so fresh, so fun, so festive. For a party, a birthday, a wedding etc, Champagne is the best for sure.

10. Jager
Made of an astounding 56 ingredients, Jäger lends a powerful flavor to drinks. Though you don't always need a lot of the liqueur, its flavor shines when paired with spirits like rum and whiskey

Drink your favorite alcohol with our glasses. Cheers!

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