Learning to taste Whiskey makes it possible to taste it better. Though tasting Whiskey is not mainly an art, mastering specific techniques is of great importance. Some of these such as the glasses to use, when to add water or ice cubes, at what temperature to keep your Whiskey, what is the interest of a whiskey carafe; allows you to know the Whiskey better and make your tastings pure moments of pleasure.

Using the right accessories like the Whiskey Man Cave and an appropriate glass is essential to enjoy your Whiskey. There is a range of whiskey glasses on the market, but it should be possible to adapt each type of glass to the corresponding Whiskey. For example, when drinking malt, it is advisable to use Glencairn, which is the tasting glass par excellence in Scotland.


We can drink its Whiskey dry; in this case, it must be stored at room temperature. This tasting technique gives the Whiskey a very intense taste; it is advisable in this case to drink the Whiskey at a minimal dose while sipping it. You can also enjoy Whiskey using the Whiskey on the Rocks technique. It's about adding ice cubes in a glass of Whiskey, the flavor is not the same, and the ice cubes bring more freshness.

To avoid the taste from changing, it is advisable to bring whiskey stones that will not dilute the aroma as simple ice cubes.

Whiskey carafes do not improve the taste of Whiskey, and it is mostly a question of prestige. All, the advantages that will be presented to you on the carafes only hold on the aesthetic side. A rule that must be respected in terms of tasting Whiskey is how to keep it. Once you have started your bottle of Whiskey, you should be careful to keep it, which means at room temperature, keep the bottle upright and not lying down.

Finally, to add more flavor to your Whiskey, you can try some whiskey-based cocktails: Manhattan, Sour Whiskey or Godfather are trendy cocktails and appreciated by whiskey consumers.

Tips To Enjoy A Good Whiskey

Whiskey is one of the most booming alcoholic beverages, and not only among men. But when entering this drink, there are many questions we ask ourselves. What type of glass is the best? With or without ice? Is it softened with water or should it be taken pure?

These and many other questions can be answered in this article, where we will talk about those tips that must be taken into account to enjoy drinking a good whiskey.

  • The type of glass: to better capture the aroma and flavor, it is recommended to use glasses with curved sides, such as sherry if you taste Whiskey alone and in a glass of white wine if you drink it with a little water.
  • Ice: among connoisseurs, Whiskey should be taken alone. But, depending on the moment, it is more appropriate to add a few drops of water. Ice makes aromas not come out. And the ice must be made of water without chlorine so as not to destroy the flavors of Whiskey.
  • The cocktail: Whiskey is an excellent drink to make cocktails since it has a very intense flavor. For this, a young bottle (10 or 12 years old) is recommended.

One tip: to enjoy a good whiskey, you need soft music, low lights, a quiet atmosphere, and absolute relaxation. The senses are excellent for the enjoyment of this drink:

  • The sight to see the color and the body, and for this, the place must have a white and dim light.
  • Smell to reach the depth of this drink.
  • Taste, to detect Whiskey in its entirety.

 When tasting it, you can add a small sip of water to break the structure, open it and let it taste better.

Have these tips helped you? Have a lot of success with this drink!


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