What beer is cheap and delicious?

Someone messaged us and asked us our favorite beer. You know, I have been going on and on about whiskey but honestly, I too love beer. It's like choosing who you love between Mommy and Daddy.. 

So Charles here is my recommendation for you, Guinness Draught Stout

Honestly, when you think about Guinness you automatically picture dark beers are heavy or intense.But let the Draught Stout change your mind, 

  •  It’s only medium in body or texture,
  •  Creamier than other beers
  •  It’s also quite dry and light
  •  Just 4.2 percent ABV.


All in all,  It was mild and easy-drinking enough to drink a few of over the course of an afternoon, and its coffee-roast notes seemed especially appropriate during the early games. It’s really a session stout, and one that I’d suggest we all embrace more than once a year just as what our customer Robby did. Guinness with Whiskey Stones is an answered prayer from heaven. 

You can find this beer here.
You can purchase our whiskey stones here.


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